Now offering Massages with Yari Perez! 

Massage is an important part of relaxation and the self care management process. As such, we wanted to be sure to offer as many services to compliment those efforts as possible. Vitality Meditation now offers a variety of massage options with our rockstar partner Yari Perez!


Meet Yari Perez

Yari is a bilingual PA licensed massage therapist, she is fluent in Spanish and English. She believes bodywork is very important. She is passionate and very detailed when it comes to her clients. She specializes in therapeutic massage, cupping, hot stone, deep tissue, myofascial releases and prenatal. Assuring her clients receive the best care while using her intuition and listening intently.



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Deep Tissue Massage - $65

Deep tissue massage focuses on realigning the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues. It’s beneficial for chronic aches and pains and contracted areas such as stiff neck, upper and lower back, and shoulders. Deep tissue massage is applied with firm pressure.

Hot Stone Massage - $70

Hot stone massage melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness, and increases circulation and metabolism. The Hot stones are heated with water. The heat of the stones penetrate the skin to promote better blood flow, release toxins and creates a deeper muscle relaxation than a standard massage.


Myofascial Release Massage - $65

The body is covered from head to toe in connective tissue that surrounds the muscles, tendons, and organs. This connective tissue is referred to as Myofascia. Myofascial release is a manipulated modality to attempt to release tensions in the fascia due to trauma, posture, or inflammation. Myofascial release helps with muscle soreness, limited range of motion, and stress around the tendons. It is applied with a gentle sustained pressure.


Therapeutic Massage - $65

Therapeutic Massage is a modality that helps relieve pain, reduces stress, and works on a specific area of discomfort. Therapeutic Massage helps with anxiety, frozen shoulder, sport injuries, soft tissue strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, plantar fascitis and sciatica.


Prenatal Massage - $75

Prenatal Massage is a gentle massage that is adapted for the anatomical changes women go through during pregnancy. It is a healthy way to reduce stress, relieves backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches, and edema. Prenatal massages are given while you lie on your side propped up by pillows.


Cupping - $65

Cupping massage is when a massage therapist places suction cups on an area of discomfort in order to alleviate aches and pain. Cupping assists with loosening the muscles, encourages blood flow, reduces inflammation and promotes healing. Cupping marks normally last 3-5 days depending on the area. The coloring ranges from bright red to a dark purple, a darker color indicates there is a high level of toxins and stagnation in the area in which it is applied.


CBD Massage - $90

Max your chill with our new offering! CBD oil is non-psychoactive and anti-inflammatory. When coupled with massages, it’s great for relieving inflammation, pain, relaxation and anxiety.

CBD cupping - $75

Coupling CBD oil with cupping offers impeccable results! The CBD oil penetrates perfectly and the cupping allows it to flow even deeper into the muscles. Perfect for clients who are training for sports and/or athletics.