Anastasia M. Bailey, Co-Founder, was raised in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia, PA.  Growing up, Anastasia’s parents always expressed the importance of healthy eating, exercise and overall self-care.  For more than 15 years, Anastasia studied several forms of dance at various dance studios in the Philadelphia area, including Philadelphia School of Dance Art.  She was also very active in track and field, gymnastics and swimming.  While a student at University of Pennsylvania, Anastasia decided to pursue a degree in Nursing because she became increasingly interested in health care and quickly realized that total health care included mind body and spirit.  Now, as a full-time registered nurse at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Anastasia sees, up close, the urgency for mental health coexisting with physical health.  From these various experiences and areas of interests, Anastasia, along with her younger sister, Jasmine Bailey, founded Vitality Mediation Studio.


Jasmine C. Bailey, Co-Founder, was raised in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia, PA.  As a young girl, Jasmine could always be found dancing, skipping, flipping or twirling.  Her natural athletic and dance abilities were quickly acknowledged and supported.  At the age of 3, Jasmine took her first dance class at the Philadelphia School of Dance Arts.  She went on to take many different styles of dance at various dance studios in Philadelphia and Delaware and participated in several dance groups.  Jasmine was always esteemed as a skillful dancer and has received awards in both various dance styles.  For more than 10 years, Jasmine has taught ballet, jazz, lyrical and hip-hop dance to students ranging in ages from 3 to 21.  While in college, at Penn State University, Jasmine majored in Dance and co-founded a school run dance organization called Ambition.  Ambition invites all students, with varied levels of dance ability to try out and join others who enjoy the art of creating and performing dance.  After college, Jasmine and her older sister, Anastasia, decided to join their talents and areas of interest and, together, founded Vitality Mediation Studio.