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Yoga and Meditation for Anxiety workshop

In this 90 minute workshop you will uncover daily practices, breath-work, yoga techniques and lifestyle changes to help you manage and deal with anxiety.  Being FREE from anxiety is not the ultimate goal as stress can be a healthy guide in our life and can help us achieve goals. The truth is, almost everyone suffers from anxiety to some degree, and we may never be completely free from it. However, we can learn how to deal with anxiety in a healthy way, how to direct and focus our energy, and how to live a lifestyle that keeps our anxiety at bay. This is the goal. You will also learn how to calm the mind and body when an anxious state arises.

Bring a notebook and pen, comfortable yoga clothes, and an open mind. We will do a yoga practice that is down-regulating to the nervous system, meditation and breathing techniques, as well as a discussion on yoga philosophy and lifestyle techniques. You will walk away feeling more confident in how to deal with stress in your life.