Our Classes

Intro To Meditation

For those who are new to meditation.

We recommend this class for those who are new to meditation. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about meditation and receive answers from experienced mediation instructors. You will also learn about the various styles of meditation, breathing techniques and optimal sitting positions which allows you to get the most out of your meditation experience.. Each class will conclude with a brief guided meditation. Get Ready...Set....Om!

Baby+MEditation Renewal

Reduce stress and connect with their babies.

Pregnancy is an exciting and beautiful time, but with excitement can come stress. This class will give mamas-to-be tools to reduce stress, connect with their babies, and learn breathing techniques to increase calm, minimize discomfort and have a peaceful pregnancy. 


Great for beginners.

This class focuses on various breathing techniques used to combat stress. Focusing on your breathing allows you to become more present, balanced  and will revitalize the mind and body. Breathe classes are both powerful and calming.  GREAT for beginners!

Deep Relaxation

A perfect way to end a long day.

A restful, relaxing and blissful meditation, this class is an immensely powerful meditation technique, and one of the easiest yoga practices to develop and maintain. During this meditation, your body will become deeply relaxed, and your mind free of clutter. This is a perfect way to end a long day and reset to start a new week!

Happy Mind

Release last week's stress.

Join psychotherapist, Jessica for an evening meditation to help you set a positive tone for your week. This is an instructor led meditation geared to support you in releasing stressful thoughts while cultivating positive emotions and feelings. This session will be very helpful as you prepare for your new week!

Mantra x Healaxing

Feel like the best version of yourself.

Mantras serve to relax the overactive mind and decrease stress, insomnia and anxiety. Founder of Healaxing in NYC and Heal Your Life teacher, Cynthia Auguste. Cynthia will guide the meditation using mantras focusing on self awareness and gratitude. Leave this session feeling like the best version of yourself!

Meditation w/ Essential Oils

Be guided into bliss.

This class will include a themed and guided meditation including essential oils. Students will be guided through a meditation focused on the theme for that week. Each week, the students will also be offered an essential oil that is thereapeutic and nourishing to be placed on their body by the instructor (on the neck, forehead, shoulders, feet, etc.). Essential oils are known to be extremely beneficial in combatting stress, anxiety and illness. Come and be guided into bliss and provided nourishment for peace of mind and joy!

Mid-Day Reset

"The body is not stiff, the mind is". -K. Pattabhi Jois

Join us for a mid-day break! This guided 30 minute yoga + 30 minute meditation practice will have you re-centered and rejuvenated to finish our your day strong. All you need is yourself, we've got your reset button taken care of. Find your bliss. All levels welcome!


Focus on the breathing, to increase awareness.

In this class, students are guided through a meditation, focusing on the breath, to increase awareness of the present moment. Practicing mindfulness is an excellent tool to relieve stress and bring focus, balance, and gratitude to every day life.

Mindful Movement

Practice being aware of your body and stay centered.

Most mindfulness meditation practices encourage stillness and focused breathing through lying down or sitting with comfortable posture, but this is not the only way. This class will offer an alternative way by using simple, gentle body movements to focus our attention on the sensations of a state between frantic activity and stillness.

Morning Renewal

Cultivate a sense of clarity, peace and happiness to help start your day.

This class promotes a sustained sense of zen, enlightenment and gratification with your morning practice. Vitality instructor, Jasmine, will lead you through intention-setting, breath work, and guided meditation practices. 

My Whole Self

Flow your thoughts and feelings with meditation.

In this adaptive and instinctual style of meditation, we won't try to "stop our thoughts" or "turn off" the external or internal world. You will learn how to flow with your thoughts and feelings in a meditative state, welcoming the Self, just as it is - letting love and curiosity carry you.

Open Heart

Explore the ability to give and receive compassion, gratitude, and joy. 

Listening to the heart keeps the mind in balance, and in this class, students will be led through a guided meditation to explore the ability to give and receive compassion, gratitude, and joy.  Visualizations and mantras are included in this practice to develop a more positive outlook.

Visualization x Healing

Feel motivated and inspired.

Our minds are constantly consumed with noise and and distractions. This class will offer tools to quiet the constant inner chatter and focus on your intentions. You will leave the class feeling motivated and inspired to accomplish your goals!